California Child Care Alternative Payment Program

The California Child Care Alternative Payment Program (CCCAPP) is committed to enhancing the lives of families by providing supportive case management services, the opportunity for children to have a safe and healthy environment, and allows parents to select the type of child care setting which best meets the needs of the child and family.

The California Child Care Alternative Payment Program (CCCAPP) provides subsidies to pay for child care in a location of the Parent’s choice while the parent or parents are working, seeking employment, in a vocational training, seeking permanent housing, and/or incapacitated.

The program is administered by the California Department of Education and the California Department of Social Services and is state and federally funded.


Enrollment Questions?

Address: 29150 Ruus Road Hayward, CA 94544
Phone: (510)265-5300
fax: (510) 675-0631
Email: cccapp@cfcsinc.org

Case Specialists:
Fatima Miazada, Paula Comonfort, Farzana Haidar

As a parent you have the right to get information about any substantiated or inconclusive complaints about a child care provider that you select. This information is public and you can get it by contacting your local Community Care Licensing office or visit their website for more information www.ccld.ca.gov. If you do not live in CFCS’s service area, please click here to locate your local Resource & Referral agency.

California Child Care Alternative Payment Program is a parental choice program, allowing parents to choose the appropriate care for their children.

Quality child care is important to young children’s healthy social, emotional and intellectual development. You have the opportunity to make sure that your child will have the kind of learning experiences and nurturing that will support his/her healthy development. You should choose a caregiver who shares your beliefs about the best way to care for young children, and who is open to talking with you and working through differences.

Choosing Child Care

In every county in California there is a state-funded child care resource and referral (R&R) program that provides free information on choosing child care, referrals to child care centers and family child care homes, and information on help paying for child care. To find the R&R that serves your community, call 1.800.KIDS.793.

CFCS maintains a Centralized Eligibility List (CEL) of eligible families who qualify for subsidized child care services residing in Hayward, California.

To be eligible for child care subsidy, the following conditions must be met:

  • Parental income must not exceed the limits set by the California Department of Education, see maximum monthly gross income below.
  • Parents must be working, employed, seeking employment, in a vocational training, seeking permanent housing, and/or incapacitated.
  • Family must be currently residing in Hayward, California.
Schedule of Income Ceilings (85% SMI)
for SFY 2019–20 Child Care and Development Programs
Family Size Family Monthly Income Family Yearly Income
1-2 $5,343 $64,120
3 $5,802 $69,620
4 $6,719 $80,623
5 $7,794 $93,522
6 $8,869 $106,422
7 $9,070 $108,841
8 $9,272 $111,259
9 $9,473 $113,678
10 $9,675 $116,096
11 $9,876 $118,516
12 $10,078 $120,934

What are my responsibilities if I am admitted to the Child Care Alternative Payment Program?

  • Call to set up an appointment with a case specialist to establish your eligibility for the program.
  • As stated before you choose a child care provider for your child. You may choose to have your child at a licensed family child care home, child care center, or you may choose to have a neighbor, friend or relative take care of your child.
  • Pay family fees based on your family income.
  • It is important for you to sign your child’s attendance sheet on a daily basis in coordination with your child care provider.

Attendance Sheet Guidelines

Providers: Attendance sheets are mailed out prior to the beginning of each month. The State of California requires that the attendance sheet be completed in real time on a daily basis. If for any reason you are doing care and do not have the agency attendance sheet, you must contact the agency immediately to obtain an attendance sheet.

While you do not have an agency attendance sheet, you need to keep track of all dates, times, provider initials and parent’s full signatures on a substitute piece of paper. This paper is required to be submitted along with the completed agency attendance sheet.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to the Attendance Sheet Guidelines.

The TrustLine Registry is a system that provides background checks on license-exempt child care providers. This includes a check of the California Criminal History System and Child Abuse Central Index at the Department of Justice in addition to a check of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) records.