Family Engagement Center

Parent and family engagement in Head Start/Early Head Start (HS/EHS) is about building relationships with families that support family well-being, strong relationships between parents and their children, and ongoing learning and development for both parents and children. CFCS uses the Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE) Framework as a road map to help guide the progress of families and children outcomes that lead to positive and enduring change for all.


  1. Family Well-being
  2. Parent-Child Relationships
  3. Families as Lifelong Educators 
  4. Families as Learners 
  5. Family Engagement in Transitions
  6. Family Connections to Peers and Community
  7. Families as Advocates and Leaders


CFCS Inc., strongly encourages parent involvement in their child’s education by asking all parents to partner with us through a pledge and promise to:    

  • Bring their child to class on time and every day because attendance is key to success.
  • Read to their child every night to encourage a love of reading and build their vocabulary.
  • Participate in a yearly orientation, parent meetings, home visits, parent and teacher conferences, and center events.
  • Make a strong effort to volunteer at last 20 hours during the program year.
  • Keep all medical and dental appointments.

Parent Involvement Opportunities include 

Program Governance and Committees

  • Participate in the Policy Council
  • Participate in the Personal Committee  
  • Participate in the Health Advisory Committee
  • Participate in the Parent Education and Training Sessions


  • Volunteer in the classroom during daily activities
  • Assist with the programs wide Self-assessment and quarterly site monitoring
  • Classroom clean up and center maintenance
  • Parent Bulletin Board


  • Help teachers prepare for classroom projects
  • Participate in the Families Reading Every Day program

Contact your Family Support Services Worker/ Home Visitor or your child's classroom to learn about the ways you can become involved!