Child, Family and Community Services (CFCS), Inc., serves children and their entire family. The goal of CFCS is to address the issues and concerns of low income families and assist them as they transition into the mainstream of a healthy community. 

We have successfully done this for over 40 years. CFCS offers pre-school and child care services for children 0-5 years old. One of the reasons for the success of CFCS is that it has accommodated the changing times; it has made the appropriate adjustments and additions to the program when necessary, depending on the needs of the families served.

Child, Family and Community Services, Inc., welcomes individuals who would like to participate in our organization and make a change in the lives of our children. Volunteers, as integral part of the Head Start Program, are a valuable resource. Volunteers have contributed to the success of Head Start and its programs throughout the years. We have placed volunteers in our classrooms and our Admissions Office.

Volunteer Activities

As a classroom volunteer, you will engage in hands-on experience such as: guiding an activity, reading a story, sharing a meal, or overseeing playtime. You are encouraged to offer ideas to us. Volunteers have been credited for coming up with many of the wonderful things we do in our classrooms today.

As a parent volunteer, you will meet the children that your child plays with and talks about at home with you. You will work together with other parents along with the teachers and CFCS staff.

As a nutrition volunteer, you will share in the planning and preparation of meals, assist with clean up and learn lots of healthy new recipes to try at home

As a clerical volunteer, you will perform general office tasks such as: filing, answering the phone, making phone calls, preparing packets, making copies, and more

Child, Family and Community Services, Inc., welcomes volunteers because everyone has something valuable to offer!

Head Start Needs You!

You are a role model in the life of a child. No other role holds more significance. When you volunteer, you give your time, talent and energy towards the children’s success. There is no better investment.

Volunteers not only enhance our staff, but they act as an advocate for the children of CFCS and their families. Volunteering actively strengthens the community. It also offers an opportunity to gain valuable employment experience.

Community volunteers are: students, seniors, parents or friends of CFCS children. Volunteers can be anyone who enjoys being a part of a reputable and wonderful program. Community volunteers may also be professionals who are employed elsewhere, but share their expertise with our programs. College student volunteers may be attending school and need field experience. Senior citizens also volunteer to share their life experiences and have a place in the working world.

Start Today!

Parents of the children in the CFCS Program may begin volunteering immediately. Your child’s teacher will want to know if you have specific days and times you will be volunteering so that he/she can plan accordingly. Parents who find it more convenient to drop in are always welcome.

Community volunteers may call immediately to inquire information about volunteering placement according to the type of services or skill offered or the area of interest. We will be happy to share more information regarding our program requirements and placement.

Call us at 510-796-9512 or email us at hr@cfcsinc.org to inquire more information about how to get started with volunteering!